temporary staffIt is the time of year now when many companies start looking at taking on temporary staff to cover the increased demand over the Christmas period. There is a common misconception to think that these employees don’t have any employment rights or protection when this is simply not the case.

All employees, whether temporary or permanent, have the same rights and you should not treat your temporary staff less favourably than your permanent employees. This means that they are entitled to receive a written statement of their main terms and conditions within two months of starting work if their employment lasts for longer than one month. This applies even if they leave within those two months. They have the right to written pay slips and they will accrue annual leave in exactly the same way as your other staff. They also have the right to notice and should be considered for any appropriate vacancies that are available when their contract comes to an end.

Temporary Staff Recruitment Considerations

It is important, therefore, when recruiting to make sure that you set out the relevant terms of the role. Be clear that it is a temporary role to cover the Christmas period and, if possible, set out when you anticipate the role coming to an end. Make sure that you use a fair recruitment process so that you are not faced with any potential discrimination claims in relation to those that you have turned down.

As your temporary employees will accrue annual leave make sure you specify if there are any dates wi