accountancy for it companiesWhether our client is the vendor, distributor or reseller, we understand the tax and accounting nuances, the relationships, and the terminology.

Goringe Accountants provides full accounting and auditing services for clients in myriad sectors. However, they also focus on a number of key sectors, where the team’s specialist knowledge is vital. One such sector is technology and as such are specialists in accounting for IT companies.

In part due to being based in the Thames Valley—where there’s a rich seam of technology clients to mine—every member of the Goringe Accountants team has experience of delivering accounting, auditing or bookkeeping services for clients in the technology sector.

Alex & Nicky LarkinBoth Nicky Goringe Larkin and Alex Larkin worked within technology companies before coming to accountancy. With big names – such as Intel / EDS / Morse and Siebel / Oracle / Sage – on their CVs they have a deep knowledge of the sector.  They understand the processes, systems, jargon and routes to market that are peculiar to technology.

That’s probably the main reason we have so many sizeable clients in the technology sector,

says founder and director, Nicky.

Alex and I understand what it’s like to grow a technology company—and we understand the specific accounting, tax and business issues for tech companies.

This unique perspective gives the Goringe Accountants team a thorough understanding of the accounting technicalities (and different nuances) of selling software, hardware, support and technology services.

Nicky comments:

We’re familiar with the various channels to market in the technology sector. Whether our client is the vendor, distributor or reseller, we understand the relationships and the terminology.

With the channel distribution model, the Goringe Accountants team has to account for the various marketing credits that a vendor might award. Whether it’s cash back, extra product, extra discount or a ‘points-win-prizes’ style incentive, it’s critical they understand the tax implications—and Nicky and her team takes the time to explain these implications in the standard ‘Goringe-jargon-free’ fashion.

Nicky adds:

We’re used to dealing with the sensitivities of revenue recognition and we help devise our clients’ revenue recognition policies. Plus, we have experience of Research & Development tax credits. It sounds complicated, but we stay on top of things, so our clients don’t have to.

This ‘staying ahead of the curve’ also works the other way, with the Goringe Accountants team staying in close contact with its technology clients to ensure a full understanding of the way their clients are doing business.

Nicky sums up:

The tech sector is extremely dynamic and fast-moving and we need to keep up with what they’re doing. The nature of the services they sell can evolve quickly, so we keep up-to-date with this.