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Auditing plays a crucial role in the world of accounting. Traditionally, audits focused on gathering financial information and scrutinizing a company’s records. However, modern auditing has expanded its scope to encompass non-financial areas like safety, security, information systems performance, and environmental concerns.

Performance audits have also become essential for non-profit organizations and government agencies, evaluating their effectiveness in achieving mission objectives.

What Does Auditing Involve?

Auditing refers to the independent examination of financial information within any entity, regardless of its size, legal form, or profit orientation. The primary purpose is to express an informed opinion about the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. Additionally, audits assess a system’s internal controls, ensuring a thorough evaluation based on testing.

Welcome to Goringe Auditors Ltd

For many businesses, an audit is a strategic choice, even if they fall below the audit threshold. Whether it’s to prepare for a sale, attract investment, meet bank requirements, or demonstrate robust financial controls, an audit can offer significant advantages. Other businesses, based on their size or sector, are legally obligated to undergo a statutory audit.

Goringe Auditors in London & Reading are here to assist you, whether you require a statutory or non-statutory audit. Our auditing services cater to a wide range of clients, and we leverage the latest CCH Audit Software, utilizing the PCAS methodology for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

A Trusted Name in Auditing

Rest assured, Goringe Auditors are proud members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW). Our audit teams in Reading and London collaborate closely with both the Goringe Accountants team and your internal accounting department, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined audit process.

Preparing Your Business for a Seamless Audit

We work closely with you to ensure your business is fully prepared for the audit, offering assistance with full accounts production. Using the latest audit techniques and best practices, Goringe Auditors conducts a thorough professional audit. Any audit issues that arise are promptly addressed and resolved in partnership with you.

Registered Auditors You Can Trust

Goringe Auditors are officially registered to perform audit work in the UK and Ireland by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. You can find our audit registration details under reference number C003687508 at the Register of Statutory Auditors.

Our Specialisms

Our expertise spans various industries, including:

  • Limited company audits
  • Client account audits for solicitors and estate agents
  • Pension audits

Choose Goringe Auditors for Unrivaled Audit Excellence

When it comes to auditing services that you can rely on, Goringe Auditors stands out as a trusted partner. Let us help you navigate the complexities of audits and ensure your financial systems and controls are robust and compliant. Contact us today to discuss your auditing needs and experience our top-notch service firsthand.