Sage vs QuickbooksThe two most popular accounting software packages for small businesses are Sage and QuickBooks.  Although there are many other packages on the market that are competing for market share (including Xero, KashFlow and MYOB), this blog focuses upon the differences and pros and cons of choosing between Sage and QuickBooks.


Sage is designed more for the professional bookkeeper or accountant in mind; however, many of our clients do successfully use Sage themselves.

QuickBooks is designed using a process flow so can be more attractive for the business person with no accounts experience. However, this can still look a little complicated for some clients.

Sage Verses QuickBooks Comparison

Round 1: Software Range

There are a range of products from both software suppliers:


Sage starts from Sage Instants and has various products going up to the Enterprise range for very large companies, Sage Start-Up and Sage50 being the most popular for small businesses. Sage Start-Up (formerly known as Sage Instants) is suitable for the majority of small businesses, however, if you require multiple company and multi-user functionality Sage 50 is required.

QuickBooks starts from QuickBooks SimpleStart to Enterprise level solutions. The most popular for small businesses are SimpleStart and QuickBooks Pro. SimpleStart is suitable for cas