offshore investingThe past couple of years have brought a large number of headlines damning celebrities for their involvement in different types of schemes for offshore investing.

Gary Barlow is the most recent A-lister to fall foul of HMRC’s clampdown on what are classed as ‘tax avoidance’ schemes, taking to twitter last week to apologise to his fans if he had offended anyone with his attempts to dodge the tax man.

Real benefits still exist to investing offshore

These schemes often take advantage of some highly creative accounting techniques and regularly push the boundaries of what some would consider to be morally fair and reasonable. Unfortunately though for many people this, coupled with a high profile protagonist, creates a sense of injustice that detracts from the benefits that exist for legitimate offshore investing that are available to everyone, in particular offshore investment bonds.

The services of a qualified financial adviser are essential in understanding all the potential benefits and pitfalls of these types of investment but here are a few of the key advantages.