The developing relationship between social media and the legal professionThe developing relationship between social media and the legal profession.

At the beginning of this year the Law Society of Scotland published their findings from research carried out into the use of social media by lawyers.

Unsurprisingly the research found that, as with the majority of the corporate use of social media, that it is the younger generations that are entering the workforce that are influencing the increased use of social media in the workplace.

The research found that LinkedIn was the most widely used source amongst the six hundred solicitors interviewed, followed by Twitter and then Linkedin.

This trend is certainly not consistent across the whole industry though with over a third of those interviewed saying that they do not use any type of social media in their professional lives. This is surely set to change though with a growing number of social media savvy legal professionals entering the employment market, increasing expectations on the use of online networking from their colleagues and from the company that they work for.

International Principles on Social Media Conduct

The growing popularity of online networking tools, particularly Twitter that provides an inviting forum for the stringent exchange of views, has meant that the regulatory bodies have become involved. The Internatio