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In these uncertain times hiring people is a risk. So what do you do if you need additional staff to grow?

The answer is outsourcing.

When done properly outsourcing can create a very flexible, cost effective and safe solution to this problem.

That is why we are running this webinar.

Our guest has embraced virtual teams to create an enormously profitable business, with very little risk and incredibly agility. They will be sharing their tips, and experiences, for you to benefit from.

The webinar will discuss the following:

  • Why outsourcing is so powerful for SME’s
  • What you should, and shouldn’t outsource
  • How you can make a success of outsourcing
  • How you can fail at outsourcing
  • Where to start

With a Q&A format you can extract all the tips and secrets from our hosts. Bring your own challenges, concerns or experiences with outsourcing to virtual teams.

Your host will be Nicky Goringe Larkin. MD of Goringe Accountants, she has seen a broad range of outsourcing attempts, some successful, others less so.

If you are a business owner Virtual teams can solve a lot of issues.
– Make the most of opportunities without committing to big overhead.
– Plug skill gaps from lost staff
– Remove barriers to scale
– Give your business agility in uncertain times

Join us to find out how. All registrants will get access to the recording after the event, even if they can’t make it on the day.

Sign up below, and look forward to seeing you there.

NOTE: This is an online webinar, and as such this event is not located at a physical address

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Speaker Biography

Nicky Larkin
Nicky LarkinManaging Director
Nicky Larkin, BA(Hons) ACMA CGMA, is Founder and Managing Director of Goringe Accountants, a fast growing, award winning accountancy firm with offices in Reading and Mayfair, London. Nicky has a clear vision for Goringe Accountants and is building the team to become the number one choice of accountancy practices in the region, providing