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What will the Webinar Cover?

The 5 most pressing questions a new start-up must answer to start with a bang.

  1. How should I fund a new business?
  2. How do I prepare a business plan?
  3. How should I structure my business?
  4. How should I get paid?
  5. What are the top bookkeeping and accounting tips?

The webinar will be a presentation + Q&A format, with plenty of time to answer your pressing questions.

All registrations will get access to a recording of the webinar and a simple cheat sheet.

Who Should Attend?

The current crisis has made many people redundant or furloughed, who may see this as an opportunity to launch their own business or anyone in the process of thinking about or starting a new venture.

Why Should I Attend?

The path from launch to a thriving new business is not a straight line, it’s more like a maze of dead ends, wrong turns and diversions.

This webinar will give you a map to that maze before you even enter. Based on first-hand experience supporting 100’s of clients going through the same thing.

Register and avoid those tempting dead ends.

Who is the Host?

Nicky Larkin, MD of Goringe Accountants is hosting. She is perfectly placed to boost your new business launch.

– A regular commentator in the media about SMEs
– A Federation of Small Businesses activist, who lobbies the government on behalf of SME’s.
– Nicky supports over 500 client businesses, at all stages from start-up to international.

Nicky knows the maze. Nicky has been personally involved in the launch of several new businesses and is the founder and owner of Goringe Accountants, a successful accounting practice servicing 500 businesses with a staff of employees & consultants of 25. Nicky is regularly asked to comment in the media regarding SMEs and has been a lobbyist on behalf of the FSB since she founded her business.

NOTE: This is an online webinar, and as such this event is not located at a physical address

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