Employee Driver SafetyIn the year ending September 2015 in the United Kingdom there were 1,780 road deaths and almost 22,000 serious injuries as a result of road traffic accidents. Less serious injuries to another 167,000 people were also recorded as having been reported to the police.

Whilst many of those killed and injured were not at work it is estimated that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve a person driving or travelling in the course of their work. So that could be 600 friends and colleagues who die in the course of a journey for work, 7,000 seriously injured and 55,000 injured. Apart from the pain, suffering and grief that these accidents will cause, they have a very substantial impact on the costs, effectiveness and efficiency of a business.

There are sound financial reasons for directors and managers to consider the safety of their workforce when driving and travelling in the course of business. There are duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 but morality and the financial benefits from managing the risks should be the key (driver).

Employee Driver Safety Handbook

Although driving carries its own inherent risks careful planning and management can reduce the risks.  Where employees drive in the course of their work their employer should consider the potential hazards, and assess the risks faced by their employees whilst on the road. Then having considered the h