cloud accountingCloud accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero have saved many businesses a lot of time and money but it still isn’t enough.

Business demands continue to increase and if accountants want to remain competitive, they have to find smarter solutions that add value to their services.

This article explores one way that accounting businesses do that, and that is to make the most of what they already have – their cloud accounting software.

Top QuickBooks Add-ons

No cloud accounting software that does everything. Every business requires different functionalities specific to its industry or size; every business has different needs and challenges, therefore accounting software covers the general necessities while opening itself up to work with other third-party apps.

Utilising the services of accounting software such as Quickbooks with add-ons can propel your business forward. Not only do they save you even more time and money in the long run, but they also greatly increase productivity and performance too.

Using Quickbooks as an example, here are the top add-ons/apps that you can integrate with to take your cloud accounting software to the next level.


QuickBooks integrates seamlessly with PayPal so that you can categorise and match transactions to ensure your books are accurate and up-to-date. Sales and debit transactions automatically import and sync every 15 minutes making it easy to see where your business stands in real-time.


Integrating BillQuick with QuickBooks kills the chances of data redundancy with its smart data entry feature. This contributes to faster bill filling to save time as well as expenses for the users.


Chaser is the perfect complement for accountants, bookkeepers, or finance teams using QuickBooks Online. Not only does it automate your email chasing ensuring that you get your invoices paid on time, but it also gives you an up-to-date overview of your credit control function and generates reports which you can use to optimise your chasing strategies moving forward.


TSheets is the choice of app if you’re looking for faster payroll and more accurate invoicing inside QuickBooks. With TSheets you can cut the time it takes to run payroll by an average of three hours, invoice 11% more on average, and reduce your payroll costs by 6%.


Mavenlink add-on allows you to manage the complete expenses of the projects within QuickBooks. It also offers several customization options with the projects for smooth-running the taxes associated with various projects.

Upgrade your cloud accounting software for free

Cloud accounting software such as Quickbooks, Sage, and Xero can integrate with hundreds of different add-ons and apps, all of which save you even more time and money. Take advantage of the ones that you will benefit from the most so that you can take your business to the next level.

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