Project Description

accountants for online retailersSpecialists accountants for online retailers Goringe Accountants helps Little Adventure Shop go from kitchen table to warehouse. A recession start-up success story.

Rebecca McCallaRebecca McCalla and her husband had always been very ‘outdoorsy’, so when their first child came along, they realised there was a gap in the market for good quality, outdoor clothing for little ones. This was the start of Rebecca’s journey which took her from the kitchen table to the office and warehouse that she now heads up.

The Little Adventure Shop online retail store — which only stocks brands that Rebecca likes, uses and trusts – is now recognised as one of the leading retailers of kids’ outdoor clothing in the UK.

Growing the Business

Rebecca had never run a business before, so knew she needed help with the financial side of starting up Little Adventure Shop. Goringe Accountants – specialist accountants for online businesses – was Rebecca’s first choice as owner Nicky Goringe Larkin used clear language to describe the accounts and tax procedures that would need to be set up.

It was this hand-holding that Rebecca really valued,

When I first started the business there were a lot of questions that I needed to find answers to,

says Rebecca.

Nicky was always at the end of the phone to offer advice and explain things to me. With her experience with small and big businesses, I knew she could help us grow.

On Nicky’s advice, Rebecca had the first version of website integrate with QuickBooks, so that transactions were automated. This included calculation of inter-country VAT, as the site was generating orders from around the world. Even though the number of orders at the time didn’t warrant this level of integration, when the company began to grow and orders increased, this systematisation prevented the usual growing pains.

Looking back, I’m so glad I got Nicky in from the beginning,

continues Rebecca.

We were able to grow into the procedures and systems we put in place, so it’s pretty much been plain sailing from the accounts side of things.

Nicky visits Rebecca every 6 months for a business review and she and the Goringe Accountants team are always at the end of the phone to answer any queries.

As Little Adventure Shop has grown, Goringe Accountants has grown with it. A genuine friendship has also grown between the two business owners. Nicky comments:

There’s a good synergy between us as our companies have experienced growth together. We know each other’s targets and sometimes have competitions between us!

The Future

This personal, human touch is one of the reasons that Rebecca chose Goringe Accountants and chooses to keep them in the Little Adventure Shop team. Future plans include expanding the product range and increasing global sales.

Rebecca concludes:

Nicky and her team took time to get to know me and my business. I have a real sense of security, knowing there’s always quality advice on hand as my business grows and I have to make more decisions.