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Harriet_DanielsTigermoth Lighting was launched in 2009 by Harriet Daniels. Harriet originally trained as an engineer before going on to build a successful career as a management consultant. For 10 years she kept her passion for design separate from her work life.

A talented entrepreneur, Harriet identified a market demand for niche British designed and manufactured products and in 2008 finally married her creative talents with her engineering background to start work on the first lighting collection.

Today the company is a successful business highly prized by the interiors press and preserving our national heritage for high quality design and manufacturing.

Growing The Business

Harriet realised early on in the development of the company that in order to succeed and grow her business sustainably she would need the support of an accountancy firm that shared her vision. With her commercial background Harriet was clear that her chosen firm should support her not only with the basics of starting the business and getting her accounting procedures in order but also provide constructive and realistic advice specific to her unique needs. Harriet met with several local firms but it was not until she met Nicky Goringe Larkin that she found an accountant that truly saw the potential of her business and the desire to think outside of the box and work in partnership to build the business for the long term.

It was clear from our first meeting that Nicky and the team at Goringe Accountants would go the extra mile to truly understand my vision. They played a very enabling role in the set-up of the company and gave me confidence that with their advice and support I had all my financial bases covered and could direct my focus on achieving my ambitions and growing my business.

Goringe Accountants provided Harriet with valuable advice on the financial systems required to manage her business efficiently and meet all the necessary tax and reporting obligations. But it was the extra support they provided in the form of informal business planning services that made a real difference. As the company has grown Goringe Accountants too have taken a growing role in the business, taking on payroll processing and helping Harriet manage the tax aspects of becoming an employer. They also hold regular review meetings and provide financial data and advice upon which to base future business decisions and investments.

The Future

Since the launch of the first range in 2009 the company has gone from strength to strength thanks in no small part to the support of Goringe Accountants. Harriet has exciting plans for the future including the recruitment of new staff, a move to bigger premises and further product development.

At every stage in the growth of my business I have sought Nicky’s advice and no matter what questions I ask she always has the time to listen and provide constructive advice. I have come to rely on Nicky as I feel she truly cares about the success of my business and with support like this in place I am confident I have built a solid platform upon which I can further grow the company in the future.