Project Description

accountants for ITSpecialists accountants for IT companies Goringe Accountants helps build a successful business in the Cloud.

Russell CookSIRE Technology is an IT company providing ‘cloud based’ servers, which are bespoke and built to suit the needs of each client. They are a team of 10 people, led by Russell Cook.

Finding The Best Partners For Growth

With this feeling that his previous accountants had lost interest, Russell wanted to work with a firm that would keep them advised about news and changes to issues such as payroll and tax. He wanted advice on what to do and when, before the decision needed to be made, rather than after he’d made the decision on his own.

Russell looked at a number of different accountancy firms and decided to work with Goringe Accountants – specialist accountants for IT companies. They weren’t the closest to their offices, but they gave him the time he needed. Other accountants weren’t available for an introductory meeting for a number of weeks; Goringe responded promptly. Nicky was also able to answer all Russell’s questions without having to refer back to another member of her team. This impressed Russell to appoint Goringe Accountants in Reading.

Nicky has been able to keep us up to date on financial changes, through the company newsletter. She is proactive and gets in touch with us when she has something she knows that we need to know. She keeps on top of what we’re doing within the business, so that she can help us make important decisions.

Working with Goringe Accountants has given Russell a much better understanding of the finances of his business. Nicky and her team ask why they do things a certain way and help them find better, more cost effective ways of working. This support allows Russell to make better business decisions.

Goringe Accountants explain the financial issues in language that we can understand!

The Future

Quarterly reviews provide Russell with the opportunity to discuss his plans for the business and the budget. This proactive, forward planning approach is vital for the growth of a business in a competitive market.

Since becoming SIRE’s accountants, Goringe Accountants have become one of their clients; using their cloud server and application hosting. As Nicky Goringe Larkin explains:

We like to build strong partnerships with our clients, working with them as much as we can. We regularly refer our clients to each other and to businesses within our wider network. It’s win-win for all of us!