Project Description

AquobexGlobal flood specialists, Aquobex, have appointed our Managing Director, Nicky Goringe Larkin, to its board to provide expert financial counsel and business development advice.

Aquobex protects some of the biggest organisations in the world against flood risk. Leading the industry with expert research, specialist consultancy and proven products, we deliver flood resilience strategies that work in harmony with the environment and technologies that suit the human aspects.

Goringe has worked with Aquobex for over two years providing a full range of outsourcing services.

Growing the Business

Aquobex design and engineer world-class flood protection solutions based on a research-led approach that gives the company a deep understanding of how the built environment is developing in a rapidly changing climate. Recognised by the Government and the insurance industry, they pioneer new approaches to flood management solutions from property level resilience to strategic city planning.

Goringe Accountants has worked with Aquobex for