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Started just 6 years ago by Adam Lotery AHL Electrical Ltd, based in Reading Berkshire, has grown from being a sole trader business to a four-man strong Ltd Company against a backdrop of difficult economic circumstances. A true success story in every sense, AHL Electrical has been supported every step of the way by Goringe Accountants.

Supporting Growth And Development

Adam Lotery founded AHL Electrical with a vast amount of experience across a wide range of installation, maintenance and testing projects already under his belt. Initially a sole trader his sound technical knowledge, hands on approach and rapport with customers ensured that the business grew quickly and gained an excellent reputation for the quality of his work.

As more and more work came in Adam realised that in order to focus his efforts on his clients and growing his business he needed the support of an accountant. After interviewing several accountancy firms he enlisted the services of Nicky Larkin and the team at Goringe Accountants. Adam says:

Goringe Accountants stood out head and shoulders above the rest. So many firms wanted to fit me into a box but Nicky offered flexibility and a willingness to work in a way that suited me.

Initially providing basic accountancy services, Nicky and her team have worked in partnership with Adam at every stage during the growth of his business. Providing guidance and support as he sought Ltd status just two years after opening the business, assisting with payroll requirements each time he employed a new member of staff and handling the process of becoming VAT registered as the business grew.

Nicky Larkin is not just my accountant but a trusted advisor in all aspects of my business. She offers flexibility, efficiency and first class advice and support, qualities that I have come to treasure and value as they leave me free to focus on being an electrician and that is after all why I started my business. Likewise Nicky’s team are fantastic and share her can do attitude; they are always at the end of the phone and have even been known to reply to emails at 11 o’clock at night. I feel very well looked after.

The Future

AHL Electrical has a very exciting future ahead. With a sound reputation built on excellent technical expertise and the support of Goringe Accountants they have achieved steady growth and will continue to do so in the months and years ahead.