One Click Cover Ltd is data-driven home insurance platform that provides customers with a guaranteed quote using just the property address, enabling relevant brands to sell home insurance to their customer base.

Hutton SwinglehurstHutton Swinglehurst Founder and CEO at One Click Cover Limited in Reading, chose Goringe Accountants to outsource its entire finance department. Outsourcing gives One Click Cover the flexibility they need to grow by providing access to a varied range of financial services as and when they need them, at much lower-cost and risk to the business.

Growing the Business

One Click Cover is a new disruptive online platform in the insurance sector that will allow people to get a competitive home insurance quote using just one parameter – their property address. The platform harnesses the data in underwriting to provide a better customer experience, breaking away from the paradigms commonly found in home insurance.

As a start-up, keeping costs down while having the flexibility to grow, are both key. Hutton Swinglehurst, Founder and CEO at One Click Cover therefore sought a highly experienced firm of accountants that he could trust to contract out to manage his finance division, and who shared his vision and purpose of working in an agile way.

Hutton Swinglehurst, Founder and CEO at One Click Cover, says:

Working with Nicky Goringe Larkin and the team at Goringe Accountants in an outsourced capacity is an extremely attractive option for One Click Cover. The wide range of services and level of flexibility that Goringe offers, alongside having access to its highly efficient and experienced team makes them the perfect partner for our business.

Goringe provides a complete range of accounting and business services for One Click Cover, including financial and management accounting, payroll and administration as well as regulatory responsibilities including underwriting.

Hutton Swinglehurst, Founder and CEO at One Click Cover, says:

We have a fully functioning finance department with specialist teams at a much-reduced cost.

The Future

For SME’s in particular, building an in-house finance team takes time, resource and can be costly. This is why organisations like One Click Cover come to Goringe to utilise the specialise knowledge, experience and services that the accountancy firm offers, to act as an external finance department, in a flexible way.

Nicky Goringe Larkin, MD at Goringe Accountant, says:

We are very happy to be providing outsourcing services for One Click Cover at its inception. Being there at the start and supporting the business with the many and varied services that a disruptor brand, such as this requires as it grows, is very exciting, as Goringe continues to grow its client base in the technology sector.