AidenAiden is the AI-powered platform for marketers, now part of Twitter following an acquisition in November 2019.

Founded by Marie Outtier and PJ Camillieri in 2016 and backed by AI and Martech entrepreneurs, Aiden’s machine learning powered software monitors user acquisition campaigns and proactively generates recommendations that marketers can activate with one click while also tracking their impact.

Described as an ‘AI enabled virtual colleague for marketers’ the platform calculates Customer Acquisition Costs and Customer Life Time Value, and with unified campaign management, all channels are in one easy to manage place.

Securing R&D tax relief

Soon after the company was formed, Aiden appointed Goringe Accountants in 2017, following a recommendation from an associate. As an ambitious, fast growing start-up, it was important for the technology company to keep costs down but have a flexible and scalable finance department that could grow with its needs. Therefore, outsourcing its accounts department to Goringe and its highly experienced team of specialists, made perfect financial sense.

Marie Outtier, founder of Aiden:

Goringe came through recommendation. Instantly we saw that their highly skilled team and diverse range of accounting services suited our need for a fully functioning finance department that could oversee and manage all our finance requirements, supporting us as we focus on fast-track business growth.

As well as managing Aiden’s accounts, Goringe was the company’s close financial and tax adviser; instrumental in Aiden being awarded significant Research and Development (R&D) tax relief – a Government incentive designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation. This money Aiden could use as a valuable source of investment back into the business to accelerate their R&D and further grow the business.

By 2019 Aiden had an 11 strong team, headquartered in London and San Francisco, and raised $2.4m since its inception over two seed rounds.

Due Diligence

When Aiden was approached with multiple buy-out offers in 2019, Goringe provided due diligence, delivering financial expert advice and guidance. Goringe has for years, successfully assisted clients with the sale and purchase of companies from a few thousand to multi-million pound transactions. Goringe supported Aiden on its multiple offers including analysis of accounts, and interrogation of business plans and forecasts.

Marie Outtier, founder of Aiden:

We knew that as a start-up with a clear vision ‘to build the future of work’ we needed an ambitious growth plan. For that, we needed investment and funds, so it was crucial to have the best financial advice and support to help us to access and gain financial backing quickly at every stage of our growth goals.

In November 2019, Aiden was successfully acquired by Twitter and continues to operate from the social media firm’s London offices, servicing Twitter’s clients.

Marie Outtier, founder of Aiden:

Goringe was an extension of our team, reliable, quick to reply and, most importantly, listen to our needs. Their expertise and financial advice is second to none – the perfect, trusted advisor and partner for any aspiring business owner with a strong expansion plan.