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The Benefits Of Offshore Investing

2016-10-23T17:14:11+01:00October 10th, 2014|Investments|

The past couple of years have brought a large number of headlines damning celebrities for their involvement in different types of schemes for offshore investing. Gary Barlow is the most recent A-lister to fall foul of HMRC’s clampdown on what [...]

Investment Withdrawal Options

2016-10-23T16:42:17+01:00February 21st, 2014|Investments|

Many investors may decide to hold their chosen funds in an onshore or offshore investment bond "wrapper". It has some unique options that make investment withdrawal particularly attractive to certain investors, especially higher rate tax payers who may at some [...]

Financial Portfolio Limits

2016-10-22T15:11:22+01:00June 14th, 2013|Investments|

In the past the financial stability of banks, insurance companies and investment houses was probably not given the prominence it deserved by investors when deciding on a home for their money.  Surely if you stuck with the large, well-known companies [...]

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