Best digital tax software for your business

2019-08-05T13:15:42+01:00August 2nd, 2019|Tax|

Making Tax Digital So what’s the right digital tax software for your business? Below are some handy guidlines to help you make your decison. Digital Tax Software In the last Spring statement the Government said it will [...]


Option To Tax (OTT)

2018-11-28T12:31:32+01:00November 28th, 2018|Tax|

This blog seeks to answer a few of the more common questions asked about the OTT. It does not cover the exclusions from the OTT or the anti-avoidance rules. Since 2008 the VAT Act has not referred to the [...]


Mergers And Acquisitions Earn-Outs

2017-09-20T18:39:14+01:00September 20th, 2017|Accountancy|

Earn-out is that part of purchase price that buyers agree to pay to sellers in future based on future performance of the business. It can be linked to profitability or turnover or other parameters depending on the nature of [...]


Guide To Adding Equity Partners

2017-08-22T16:47:24+01:00August 22nd, 2017|Business Advice|

As an entrepreneur you start and manage your businesses, but as it grows you may require a partner to continue the growth or to introduce another dynamic to the business. The personnel market is becoming increasingly competitive with difficulties in [...]