What a fantastic end to the year-end. Targets achieved, new client referrals are still coming in and all deadlines have been met.

I would like to say a very warm thank you to our clients, the team and our associates for making this a good year.

So much has happened this year but seems to have gone by so quickly, the highlights for Goringe Accountants in 2011 have been:

  • Hema Patel joining the team. She has been a fantastic addition to the team,  she is great technically, with a wealth of experience, but most importantly she is a great colleague to work with.
  • New clients, too many new clients to mention. Again we have managed to gain a wide variety of clients from bespoke shoe designers to security firms to cleaning companies.
  • Launch of our quarterly business networking evenings at the Porsche Centre, the first one was really well-attended, fun and really useful for new contacts and networking with old friends. The next one for the diary is Tuesday 21st February at 6pm.
  • Many of our clients who were impacted by the recession are starting to see growth again which is fantastic news, we look forward to a positive 2012, look out for #2012Growth tweets. Our twitter address is GoringeAccounts.
  • Implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan, hence the start of our Blog section.

Once again thank you to everyone. I am very excited about 2012, as I am expecting it to be a great year for us and our clients. I look forward to seeing you in 2012.